Show all of the open Activities on the General page

show all of the open Activities on the General page as well. That was as simple as adding an iframe and building a Url to point to the Activities;

//Only use on the edit form
if (crmForm.FormType == 2)
//Set the dropdown to Follow Up
document.getElementById(“followup_context”).selected = true;

//Call the onchange event of the dropdown

//Get the current Account’s Id
var objectId = crmForm.ObjectId;

//Get the Security Token
var securityId = crmFormSubmit.crmFormSubmitSecurity.value;

//Load the iframe
document.getElementById(“IFRAME_Activities”).src = “/sfa/accts/areas.aspx?oId=”
+ objectId + “&oType=1&security=”+ securityId +”&tabSet=areaActivities”;

Steven Jennings
Steven has more than five years of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation expertise. As CRM Team Lead at Affiliated, his main focus is in sales, marketing, and service areas. He has a strong background designing and deploying integrated solutions, he also has over eight years of .NET development expertise. Steven is proficient in all phases of project development, from concept through realization and assists in the management of a team of analysts and developers responsible for the organization's applications development and analysis functions. He evaluates existing applications to determine technical changes, schedules projects and resources, and monitors project timelines. For more information or to contact Steven, feel free to email him here.
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