Mobile Application with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improves Agent Productivity and Achieves 100% CRM Adoption

Mobile Application with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improves Agent Productivity and Achieves 100% CRM AdoptionSummary

Since 1991, Phillips Edison & Company has specialized in the acquisition, leasing and operation of grocery-anchored neighborhood and community shopping centers. Today the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company owns and manages more than 29 million square feet of retail properties, building a portfolio of more than 280 assets worth $1.8 billion in 35 states. In addition to its core focus on shopping centers, the company manages specialized funds invested in power centers, enclosed malls, lifestyle centers, net lease properties and other retail real estate assets. The company has corporate offices in Cincinnati and Salt Lake City as well as regional offices across the country.


The leasing team for Phillips Edison is constantly on the go, visiting retailers who might be interested in relocating to their shopping center properties around the country. In recent years, the company has twice tried to support its leasing agents with homegrown and proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Both times the efforts failed.

The agents found the CRM solutions too cumbersome to use, with too many fields to complete. Worst of all, any time they collected information and notes in the field, they would have to re-enter the data on laptops or office computers before uploading to the CRM. The process was time consuming, inefficient and included excessive paperwork as well. Inevitably, the leasing agents stopped using the CRM system, which hurt the company’s ability to collect important data on prospects, generate accurate reports and even close deals.

“What our agents wanted was a mobile application integrated into a customizable CRM system. That way they could do all their business quickly and efficiently remotely on mobile devices and tablets,” recalls Karen Ryan, Senior Director of IT at Phillips Edison. “Unfortunately, adding mobile functionality to our existing CRM required extensive development time—time we just didn’t have.”

“The mobile application that Affiliated recommended has changed the way our leasing agents interact with CRM. Unlike in the past, we now have 100% adoption of CRM, and we’re adding licenses as our leasing team grows.”

Karen Ryan, Senior Director of IT,
Phillips Edison & Company

Affiliated’s Mobile CRM Solution

Known throughout Ohio as a leading technology provider with strong skillsets and experience in CRM, Affiliated stepped in to help. They conducted a business and IT review for Phillips Edison, which led them to recommend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution with the Resco Mobility CRM application. With Phillips Edison being a “Microsoft shop,” the solution fit perfectly into their infrastructure. The company could upgrade to a powerful CRM solution while integrating mobile capabilities quickly and easily,. “We’d been looking at and ACT, but the Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with the mobile add-on solution was by far a better fit and more cost effective,” Ryan says.

‘100% CRM Adoption’

In just eight weeks, Affiliated implemented and trained 25 leasing agents on the new solution, which proved to be an immediate hit. Affiliated worked with agents to customize the Resco Mobile CRM application to meet their need for simplicity — limiting data entry to five basic fields per prospect, with optional fields for items like ‘Lease Probability’ and ‘Projected Annual Lease Income.’

All data is entered from the field on iPhones and iPads, which the company provides to each agent. The data is then synched to the CRM either in real-time or when the agent can access an Internet connection. Agents can also set up notification alerts to contact prospects for follow-up meetings. They can email or call a prospect directly and can work offline and upload later. “We failed twice before with CRM. But this third try was the charm. With Affiliated’s help, we’ve had 100% adoption,” says Ryan. “Our agents love it.”

“Extremely professional, the Affiliated team does their due diligence, they deliver quality products, and aren’t afraid to challenge any decision you’re making. They’re a great technology partner that I can call on at any time.”

Karen Ryan, Senior Director of IT,
Phillips Edison & Company

A Competitive Edge

On an institutional level, the company is able to manage and retain the data that is collected from agents, so the company can retain all knowledge about a leasing prospect should an agent leave the company. Moreover, improved real-time reporting has helped management gain insight into the leasing cycle and provide better support to agents looking to close deals — which has increased as much as a 10 percent since the implementation.

“Dynamics CRM is a game-changer for us,” says Ryan. “Our leasing agents are now able to do all of their business on phones and tablets without wasting time on spreadsheets and re-entering data on laptops. They’re happy, management is happy — because we’ve all found a better way to do business. That makes us a smarter, more effective company.”


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Mike Moran
Mike Moran has worked with mid-market organizations to help them use their systems to achieve their business goals for more than two decades. Moran’s passion is helping organizations align their business and technology goals, then identify and implement solutions that increase operational efficiencies, improve the customer experience, and drive more profitable revenue. Mike has provided strategy and guidance for organizations looking to implement CRM solutions for more than 10 years. He also has directly assisted a number of sales teams to use their systems more effectively and increase their utilization by connecting how the system can help them establish and build their relationships – not just update administrative information. The Affiliated CRM team has implemented well over 100 CRM systems for clients ranging from the manufacturing/distribution/supply chain industries, to professional and financial services firms, to healthcare, and a number of specialty social service not-for profits needing the ability manage and support their client bases. The Affiliated team, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network certified in the Dynamics 365 (CRM for sales, customer service, and marketing) solutions, has won numerous Microsoft awards including the U.S. Central Region Partner of the Year, and Heartland Area awards for Business Transformation and Customer Satisfaction & Experience. Moran co-founded Affiliated in 1993 as an ERP implementation and software development firm. Affiliated became a Dynamics partner in 2005. As president, he leads Affiliated’s company-wide strategy, marketing, and corporate development activities. The Company has grown into a technology and business consulting company serving growing and mid-market businesses throughout Ohio and the midwest.
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