Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – How to Reassign Contacts to a New User

Over time there may be a need where you want to reassign contacts in Dynamics CRM to from one user to another. The situation could be that a user is moving on to a different job so you need to transfer all of their contacts to another user. Another common situation is that the user has too many contacts and needs to unload a few to other users. No matter what the reason, reassigning contacts from one user to another is a very simple process. Just follow the steps below to learn how to reassign contacts to a new user.

  1. First you need to go into Sales and Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Then you need to click on advanced find. If you are using CRM 2013 advance find will be in the three dots. (picture below)

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Click here to see all the steps.

Jonathan Fortner, Affiliated, Dynamics CRM Implementation and Support, Ohio

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