Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – How to Add a User to Group Security in

Sometimes when creating a user, you will follow all of the protocol but that user will still not be able to login to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When they try to login, they may see this screen or something very similar.

screen 1.1









The first step is to check to see if the user has a license assign to him. But if the user has one already, there is one step that the admin usually overlooks. That is checking to see if the user has permission to use the CRM. Granting a person permission comes from adding the user to the CRM security group. One of the first areas you should check is, does the company have a security group and is that user in that group. It is very easy to check and to add the user if they are not in the security group. Just click here and follow these steps.

By Jonathan Fortner, Dynamics CRM, Affiliated, Dynamics CRM Implementation & Support, Ohio

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