How to customize the Marketing List Member view?

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That’s the question often asked by all the people customizing MS CRM. Simply, going to customization area does not allow you to customize the Marketing List Members view. So how to do that?

We should begin with noticing the fact that there are three types of marketing list by default in MS CRM – one for Leads, one for Contacts and one for Accounts. So if you want to customize the Marketing List Mamber view, you will have to know for which entity you would like to customize it. Once you know, it is worth noting somewhere the type codes for these entities, i.e. Account = 1, Contact = 2, Lead = 4. Knowing these values, we can proceed further.

For each entity type there are several views (e.g. “All members”). So you have to decide which one you would like to customize before you begin with the customization.

 Once you have done all this, follow these steps to customize the Marketing List Member view and enjoy all the advantages of MS CRM customization 🙂


1. We assume that we want to customize the All Members view for the Marketing List containing accounts. 

Go to the MS CRM database and use SQL Server Management Studio or Query Analyzer to enter the following query:

SELECT * FROM SavedQueryBasy WHERE name LIKE ‘%members%

2. You will be presented with the list of views containing members. Find the one that you want to customize and be sure that you look at the one for the entity, you would like to customize. So, in our example, we want to customize the view containing accounts. Thus, find the row that contains 1 in the ReturnedTypeCode column.

3. Once you’ve done this, copy the GUID of this view from the SavedQueryId column

4. You can leave the Management Studio now and go to CRM web client

5. Go to “Settings” / “Customize entities” and select the Account entity

6.  Go to “Forms and views” and open any view to customize it

7. Now, press CTRL+N on your keyboard to open the address bar

8. In the URL, replace the GUID of currently customized view to the one you have copied in point 3. and press enter to refresh the window

9. Wow! You are now presented with the Marketing List Member view that you would like to customize. Customize it using normal MS CRM mechanisms!

10. Once you finish, “Save & Close” the window and the entity window

11. In the “Customize entities” view click “More actions” / “Publish all customizations”

12. Once the customizations are published, you have your new Marketing List Member view 🙂

 Happy Customization! 🙂

You can follow these steps for all other views.

Please note that this customization (simply saying, as any other requiring to query the db and not shown on the web client) is NOT SUPPORTED!


Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Bill Owens, CRM Practice Manager at Affiliated, is a seasoned technology and business consultant with more than 15 years of experience and leads the strategic growth and direction of Affiliated’s CRM practice. He is a proven expert at helping organizations succeed in the implementation and integration of on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bill has been a featured speaker for several CRM local events and national conferences including CRM User Groups throughout Ohio and the CRMUG Summit. You can reach Bill at or (614) 973-5075.
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