CRM 2015 Spring Release – Personalize Dynamics CRM by Changing Your Theme

One of the newest changes to the Dynamics CRM 2015 spring release is the ability to personalize the application. Microsoft added themes to CRM in order to accomplish this feature. Themes give a company the ability to add a logo to the ribbon, to change the colors of the ribbons, to change the color entry box, and more. The benefit to this feature is it will allow you to brand Dynamics CRM 2015 with your own look and feel. Branding your application will increase your branding strength within your organization. It’s a great way to remind your sales, marketing and customer service teams who they work for and what it means to work at your organization.

  1. The first step is to go to settings and then customizations. Once you are in the customizations page, click on themes.

CRM post 1.1.1

Check out the remaining steps here.

Jonathan Fortner, Affiliated, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation & Support, Ohio

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