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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – How To Enhance Global Search by Adding/Removing New Entities

The global search functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great tool for looking up information in a fast and efficient way. Just type in a word and the global search will pull up every entity that is attached to that word. An entity is an account, contact, lead, opportunity, etc. In the example below, I […]

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Tips to Creating Custom Dashboards Quickly in Dynamics CRM

Quick and easy access to a large amount of data is what Dynamics CRM Online 2011 is all about. A custom dashboard, and the easy ability to create one based on your personal work habits/needs, is an interesting feature of Dynamics. This post will focus on how to create a personal dashboard quickly and easily. […]

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Windows Live ID, a primer

Windows Live ID is the authentication tool that is part of the Windows Live Service. With it you get free email, blog page, photo galleries, document storage, and more. Social networking tools such as Groups are also available. Groups allow you to invite people to participate in discussions, document sharing, events and calendars, and more. […]

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Expand A Virtual Hard Disk

Posted by Matt Wittemann of ICU-MSCRM I recently created a new virtual server for development purposes, and made the newbie mistake of leaving the maximum hard drive size set to 16GB. Even though I set it up to be a dynamically expanding hard disk, it was only after I installed Windows Server 2008, SQL Server […]

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Convergence 2009 – March 10-13, 2009 | New Orleans, LA

  Discover the Power of Possibilities at Convergence and gain your competitive edge. In today’s difficult economic environment, there has never been more value in attending Convergence. This year is geared toward helping you leverage your Microsoft Dynamics solutions to increase visibility into operations and maximize efficiencies. You will gain exposure into new technologies, better […]

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Some SQL Snippets

Posted by David Jennaway Over time (don’t ask how long – suffice to say I first used Microsoft SQL Server on OS/2) you pick up a fair amount of useful SQL Server knowledge. This post is intended to be a random collection of snippets that I use and remember, and I expect to add to […]

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Hooray!! PerformancePoint Server is merging with SharePoint

I just read a posting from Microsoft and in the Summer of 2009 we should see a nice addition to SharePoint called PerformancePoint Services.   "Microsoft’s strategy is to bring BI to the masses through the familiar, widely used tools of SharePoint and Excel, while building on the highly scalable SQL Server platform. Based on […]

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An early look at CRM “5”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog posted this As you might imagine, since shipping Dynamics CRM 4 the product team has been hard at work designing the next major release.  Over the past few months they’ve given a few sneak peeks at some of the more interesting platform pieces that they’re working on.  Naturally I grabbed […]

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Blog Move: Speed Racer – Call CRM at speeds that would impress even Trixie

posted at: 9:37 AM by Aaron Elder It’s been a year since Invoke Systems and Ascentium merged and we finally took down the old clunk server that was hosting the old Invoke Systems blog.  This blog is of course still getting lots of hits and due to popular demand, I am going to migrate a […]

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MS SQL Server: Find a Value In Any Field In Any Table

I’m currently working on a Data Conversion and I’ve been trying to discover where certain fields are used within the database. I have a schema, but it doesn’t contain all of the foreign keys as you would hope. So, I can find the values of the field but I need to know which other tables […]

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