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Jason has more than three years of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation experience. As a Junior Dynamics CRM Implementer at Affiliated, his main focus is troubleshooting issues for existing customers. Jason is an experienced .NET and game developer and has served as a Project Manager, Business Operations Analysis, Account Executive, and Lead Implementer for a number of Dynamics CRM on- premise and CRM 2011 Online implementation projects. Jason is proficient in all phases of project development, from concept to deployment including the evaluation of current CRM solutions, and how they translate into a more productive and efficient deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For more information about Jason Kelly, feel free to reach out directly him to at Jason.Kelly@aresgrp.com.

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Tips to Using Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 2013

The new release of Dynamics CRM 2013 introduced many interesting new features including Business Rules which is a way to provide custom business logic through a simple to use UI and eliminate the need to write custom scripts to handle UI driven business logic. Check out our latest CRM Best Practices webinar, as we help you discover all of […]

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Advanced Troubleshooting Tips to Get Outlook 2013 and CRM 2013 Working Together

A few of our customers have been experiencing issues with Outlook 2013 and Dynamics CRM 2013 working together which can be especially annoying when a user goes through the prescribed methods and then cannot use CRM and Outlook together. The combination of CRM and Outlook is perhaps the most efficient way to use Dynamics. With […]

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Quick Fix for Issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Outlook 2013

Several of our Affiliated customers have reported having issues with using Dynamics CRM 2011 and the new version of Outlook 2013. Here are a few tricks that should help in getting Outlook 2013  working with CRM 2011. This solution can be applied to both the Online and the On Premise Dynamics CRM models. Symptoms: Generally, […]

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Best Practices in Lead Management: Creating a Lead Management Plan

At Affiliated, we deeply believe that great expectations and results all start at the same point; with a great plan. In recent blog postings “Lead Management in Dynamics CRM” and “Results of a Proper Lead Management Process in Dynamics CRM“, we discussed the concept of Lead Management in Dynamics CRM and what value it can bring […]

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Results of a Proper Lead Management Process in Dynamics CRM

Done right, effective lead management creates more educated buyers, helps you better understand their needs, and ultimately means more revenue for your business. When integrated with a solution like Dynamics CRM, consider the following results for having an effective lead management process in place: 1)      Rapid Response to New Leads: Buying for the most part is […]

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Lead Management in Dynamics CRM

Importance of Lead Management Too often companies focus primarily on trying to quickly close short-term leads, not taking the time or effort for appropriate sales lead management. Adopting a method for prospect development and lead nurturing throughout the sales process will yield greater dividends than trying to churn through short-term leads. Capitalizing on long-term leads […]

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Tips to Creating, Editing and Managing Activities in Dynamics CRM

Keeping track of and coordinating activities is a beneficial component of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many companies. It helps keep your teams organized and working together, and especially helps keep your customer’s needs met. Here are some basic tips to how you can easily create, edit and manage activities in Dynamics CRM. 1)       Navigate to […]

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