Top Reason to Hire Dynamics CRM Partner For Your Implementation

In this day and age of the click-next digital world, complexity is hidden behind an illusion of simplicity. Many people that I talk with are looking to implement their own Dynamics CRM or are outsourcing it to the cheapest bidder on the project. Both of these approaches tend to cause me no end of worry and exacerbation, not because they may not do business with me, but because of the enormous risk they are taking.

While I was speaking at the CRM Summit this year I was talking with a major vendor and we were talking about this subject. I told her my analogy that I tend to use to describe why you should hire a reputable CRM partner. She mentioned that I should place it on my blog. So here we go.

In the most general since of the meaning, all businesses are the same. Someone needs to sell something and someone needs to deliver something. Wow! That was a little too simple. However, there is much truth in this. Businesses are like the heart; blood goes into the right side of the heart and is pushed through the lungs to the left side where it then continues out the rest of the body. In this analogy try and imaging that the right side of the heart is the sales side and the left is the delivery side. Many times when the blood is not flowing between these systems a pacemaker is installed to help correct and keep the blood flow pumping correctly. Well now, CRM is that pacemaker. It is there to help the communications and handoff between sales and delivery. I know that if I needed a pacemaker installed, I would not bid out the work to the cheapest doctor, nor would I attempt such a feat myself. Yet, many of these businesses are doing this with their CRM installations and are finding out what a poorly functioning pacemaker can do. Frankly it makes it worse, you were having blood flow issues before and now you add this to the top, it is time to grab that defibulator and hope for the best. So in a nutshell, if you are going to install a system that can affect your business blood flow (CASH) either positive or negative, interview you experts and hire the best.

If you have questions or need help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact the CRM team at Affiliated as we’d be happy to assist. Or call 614-889-6555.

By Bill Owens, Affiliated, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, Implementation and Integration Specialists, Ohio

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Bill Owens, CRM Practice Manager at Affiliated, is a seasoned technology and business consultant with more than 15 years of experience and leads the strategic growth and direction of Affiliated’s CRM practice. He is a proven expert at helping organizations succeed in the implementation and integration of on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bill has been a featured speaker for several CRM local events and national conferences including CRM User Groups throughout Ohio and the CRMUG Summit. You can reach Bill at or (614) 973-5075.

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